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Flawless Russian Girl Panty Tease

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After spending the last few days in my parent’s house with a bunch of other people, my house strikes me as noticeably empty. As much as I love peace, quiet, and privacy, it was kind of nice having so much family around and watching my nieces and nephews run around like my siblings and I used to.

When loneliness struck this afternoon, I decided to hit up to see what sort of sexy company I could find for myself. That’s when I discovered pippalee.

I almost didn’t click on her because she has small tits and I was thinking I needed a busty girl today. I’m glad I found her though. She is very pretty. I’m talking perfect skin, just enough makeup to bring out her natural features but not make her look fake, and a smile that’s about as sweet as they come. Her Russian accent was sexy as hell and her English was perfect.

What really hooked me on pippalee was the panty tease she did in free chat. She had every guy in that room salivating as she angled her camera just right, dropping her thong and teasing it up and down her legs, then back on. She didn’t show her pussy until I got her private. She knew exactly how to work the room.

By the time we finished, I had forgotten all about my family, and was just happy to get to blow my load.

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