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Is It Cheating If It’s Via Webcam?

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The time has finally come for me to propose to my girlfriend. I’ve got the ring, I’ve got a plan, and I’ve got a lot of hope for the future. There are no cold feet here. I’ve known pretty much since the first date that she was the one I wanted to marry. And I want kids pretty soon. I am beyond ready for this.

Except for one thing. Other women. My girl expects me to be faithful and I want to be. She deserves that. I can go without in-person hook ups, but I can’t see myself ever giving up porn. She knows I watch a lot of porn and that my income partially depends on that. She is fine with that. Sometimes, we even watch together.

She doesn’t know about the cam shows though. She doesn’t know about all the time and money I have spent with kayribbons since discovering her on Cams are a lot more personal than simply watching porn and I am not sure she’d be cool with it if she knew. Is it cheating if it’s all through webcam and the sex is never in person?

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