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Moans at Full Volume

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The temporary apartment I am staying in right now has thin walls. For the last few nights, I have been able to hear the guy next door banging his new, very vocal girlfriend. They must know that I can hear them. He knocked on my door once when he felt my television was too loud, so there is no way he doesn’t realize how much sound carries through here. I knew I should have splurged on a townhome, but I was trying to go cheap as possible while my house is undergoing some renovations. I haven’t decided yet if their fucking amuses me, excites me, or annoys me. So far, it has been at reasonable hours while I’m awake, but it does remind me that I don’t have anyone of my own. That’s when I get online and start looking for Sex Cam Discounts.

I am tempted to put my laptop against the wall at full volume and ask a cam girl to get really raunchy and say some crazy shit, but I also just like to jerk off and am not sure I want dealing with my neighbors to cut into my valuable fapping time. So many decisions.

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