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A buddy of mine is always flirting with girls, and guess what? most of the time he actually picks them up. I’d give just about anything to have the courage that he does. Even on the odd occasion when it doesn’t work he just smile and moves onto the next girl.

I figured that I at least needed to give this a try, but again I wasn’t about to walk up to a random girl and ask her for a fuck, no way! I did have a plan however and I’d like to think it was a good one. I’d heard about this place where you can read a to the point review article with sexy girls that are willing to hear you out.

I plan on taking things nice and slow, at least at first. If I get the feeling that the girls are liking what I am saying, well… of course that’s going to be a good thing and I might even go all the way with them. If you need a little boost to your confidence this might just do the trick!

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